10 Steps To Perfect Emails

Hands down Email Marketing has the best conversion rate of any form of online marketing. It is so effect because it is a direct connection to your followers and allows you to build a relationship with them. People feel more comfortable buying from people they trust and have a relationship with.

The big problem that Email Marketing faces is that everybody’s email is completely flooded with tons of emails. I’m not just talking about spam. There are so many terrible marketers that constantly try to sell in every email that it has caused people to become blind to most of the emails they receive.

It is essential that you learn how to effectively write proper relationship building emails that will make people excited about opening them. This is the only way you can get people to stop passing over your emails and have them become lost among all the other crap mail. To forever stay unopened in the cluttered inbox abyss.

The only way to make Email Marketing effective is by teaching people the benefit of opening your emails and reading the content within. To do that you must learn how to properly create the emails you send. It might seem like a very simple concept, but you must understand you are not just creating the email for the people you send too. You must make sure that your emails do not trigger any red flags with the email providers. Otherwise your email will immediately be sent to the junk box and never seen by anyone.

Make sure you are utilizing the most of your Emailing Marketing efforts. Don’t become lost in the inbox jungle.

Email Marketing is absolutely huge, and having a quality list is invaluable.

Having a great list is one thing, but how you market to them can make or break your business. EmailOctopus have put together this handy Infographic that gives you the steps to write that perfect email. This will help you maximise your subscribers to action into spending their dollars.






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