$10k a month Designing Bestselling eBook Covers + Publishing on Amazon

Listen to the Episode Below (01:05:15)

derek murphyDerek Murphy, makes over $10K a month designing bestselling electronic book (ebook) covers. He shares his (Hollywood)  formula and why he’s stepping out of that business to apply what he’s learned to crush it on Amazon, self publishing his own series of Vampire books, among other things.


You’ll also learn:

- Why it’s hard to make money as an author with just 1 book.
- The (brilliant) benefit of being an “asshole” on your sales page.
- A (secret) tool he uses to find out how much money a book makes on Amazon.
- The real reason you should sell an Amazon and not just on your website.
- How he makes money giving away almost everything.
- The truth about what it takes to make money self publishing books on amazon.
- The limiting  belief that prevents writers (or entrepreneurs) from selling a lot of books (and making a lot of money)
- He shares a couple niche markets where the “money gets really good”


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