$175,000 in Under 6-Months Training Proofreaders – ProofreadAnywhere

Listen to the Episode Below (49:43)

proofreading businessCaitlin Pyle went from making a respectable $43,000 as a freelancer to starting an online business, ProofReadingAnywhere, training regular people how to have an “eagle eye” proofreading transcripts for courtroom reporters, netting $175,000 in 6-months.

In this interview you’ll also learn:

- Why 9/10 who begged her to teach them how to make a living in her proofreading niche DID NOT DO anything – until she made ONE big change.

- The surprising reason why she believes revamping what’s “old” is better than most new business ideas.

- The #1 fear of most of freelancers

- The shocking reason she sees people failing before they even start – and how to leapfrog past 90% of your competitors.

- The money mindset shift from freelancer to business owner.


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