$250K/mth in 2-Yrs Selling Coffee That Makes You Sleep

Listen to the Episode Below (31:40)

01-dragonscoffeeDeland Jessop went from being a rookie police officer to starting an online training company that became the fastest growing company in Canada in 2006. Then, having another “light bulb moment” he started another business selling coffee that puts you to sleep, Counting Sheep Coffee.

After turning down an investment on the Dragon’s Den he and his partners went on to turn their business idea into $200,000 in sales in it’s first year and grow it to $250,000 in one month within 2-years.


If you want to know what it (really) takes to turn an idea into a retail success, listen to this interview.

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

- How to handle rejection
- How to manage emotional roller-coaster
- The challenge of explosive growth in retail
- The danger of trying to hold “too much of the pie.” Why holding too much of the pie
- Common misconception about entrepreneurship
- Launched before facebook and profitable before him.
- Why you need to accept the fact there is risk…don’t expect it’s going to be an easy ride
- Own boss – motivate yourself, set your own goals, hold yourself accountable,

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