$30K a Month Online as Virtual Assistant

Listen to the Episode Below (01:02:33)

Michelle Dale is a high school dropout who went from working odd jobs, got into buying and renovating properties with very little money then decided she wanted to travel. So she sold everything she owned, paid offer her debts and started traveling the world until she ran out of money in Egypt and didn’t have enough money to leave.

This is the story of how a high-school dropout went from broke and stuck in Egypt to building a $30,000 per month business providing a virtual assistant service and selling online training programs.


Training + “Roadmaps” to become a highly paid virtual assistant

In this episode you’ll learn:

- That you level of education has no relation to your earnings

- Mindset or skills, what’s her key to success?

- Why in a crowded market she still maintains the mindset that there is NO competition.

- Her approach to hiring kickass virtual assistants. (Skills or attitude? What to look for?)

- But that’s not all…

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