5 Business Accelerators for 2012

This has been a wonderful year for new opportunities, to profit with an online business.

We have seen some old strategies die this year (like comment linking and similar SEO tactics ) while newer strategies have evolved and matured into full on business accelerators.

If you are not already “taking full advantage” of these strategies, getting them implemented within the first 90 days of 2012 could be the best thing that you ever do for your business and your income.

1. Social Networking – Using social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have matured into highly effective ways to find new customers. In the past these have been viewed by many as huge time-wasters, but the time has come to jump on board and use this strategy to grow your business.

2. Blogging – Those that have really embraced this strategy are really enjoying some great success. Blogs are now being used everyday to create lists of loyal followers and to launch new products. It’s sad to see so many people doing this strategy incorrectly and getting dismal results when they are just 1 or 2 small shifts away from turning this into a huge business accelerator. The more value you give to your readers the more value you will receive in return.

3. List Marketing – Ok, this is not a new one. In fact, we have been recommending this one since 1999. But, it shocks me how many people are leaving good money on the table by ignoring their list or not building one in the first place. Our list is easily responsible for producing 80% of our monthly sales. How much money are you losing by not doing this in your business?

4. Pre-selling – There is a common belief among some less experienced marketers that if you build it they will come. Yet when they launch their product, nobody buys. Failed launch after failed launch proves that you must determine that a market exists and they are willing to buy before spending all the money and effort to launch a product. Pre-selling is strategy that you can use to prove that a product will sell before spending a dime to produce and launch it.

5. Integration Partners – People spend countless hours optimizing their websites for Google and the other search engines only to achieve a handful of daily visitors that don’t buy anything. An integration partner is a business that already caters to your perfect target audience with a non-competing product. By partnering with this kind of business and sharing the revenue, you get instant access to hew customers.

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Have a safe and enjoyable New Year celebration!

To your online success,



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    Great article and thoughtful way to help us get strategized on starting the new year out. I’ve been doing lots of side work over the years for design and SEO, But just took it to the full level and built my own site and marketed it. Will be done in a week or two now (minus the continuing monthly management and updates of it ). Your comment on #4 – Preselling seems to help me. As an actualy business now, I was unsure of how to contract the payments and was thinking of having them pay half up front and half at completion, but I think what you’re saying is to get it all, do their project and let them use their site, which is marketed before launching their product… that way, the business will already be coming.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip on strategy. Always appreciated. Happy New Year guys!

    • says


      I’m out of work and didn’t have a lot of money to work with. I was fortunate to find a site that showed me how to get a website and hosting for free, become an affiliate for free, get to the top of the major search engines for free, and direct thousands qualified users to my website for free.

      I’ve been to tons of sites charging thousands for the same services. Anybody with a web address should check this out. I’m sure it will help you get things going fast. I’d appreciate your feedback.

      Best wishes in your new venture,



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    For any business custom integration of all of these must be done. Any business these standards as and pull their business as by accelerators. A vast changes have been seen by them.

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    Great post, all of these internet marketing strategies should be combined and integrated, but also, let’s not forget about video. Google wants more of it, and honestly, it’s one of the easiest way to get ranked and hit the top of the SERPS, plus generate highly targeted traffic. Bookmarked your blog and will revisit! We got something in common. ;) Cheers.

  5. Chris says

    Internet marketing degrees in universities are starting to pop up these days. I know that becoming an internet marketer is definitely want to do and am currently enrolled in an M.B.A. program at a college that only offers general marketing as a supplement to the coursework.

    What is the finest training in this field that you can recommend?

    Is there a school or university that is considered the best and has outplacement capability to help you find a solid job?

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    There are so many ways to look at and do Internet marketing, but I like your list. It is clear and spells out things that a person can do to create an income online. With so many choices to make, people really need to take the time to read about and learn the basics of Internet marketing,

    It can save them a lot of money, when they do a little research and find a site like yours, that explains a lot of the pit falls. I hope that more people take the time to learn, and not waste there money with the push button systems. Your have to learn and then your will earn.

    Thanks for a great article my friend. Your are really helping people to see the light.

    Your Friend In Marketing
    Ken Somerville

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    Social media has been the best for my business this year. I haven’t really started using social media until recently but it has definitely made a positive difference and increased the amount of traffic to my site.

  8. says

    Nice post Chuck! Integration partners are good for targeting your audience, but SEO can be effective too. The key is to KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Did you know that Google is 50 times more likely to recognize your site on the first page of results if you’re utilizing video? One of the most effective things you can do now is to acquire user-generated video content and embed it on your site. Testimonials, video blogs, social contests, reviews, feedback! This can showcase your product/service in the hands and perspective of a real customer or fan, and bring more traffic to your site. This is a simple, effective way to help businesses grow.

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