Good navigation… important for SEO, important for sales

Bad navigation costs you money. Consider these facts: 50% of all online sales are lost due to poor navigation Each time you make your users click to perform an action, you lose 30-60% of your traffic. To put that second fact into perspective for you, here’s what happens in the best case scenario of losing […]

Are You Making These Seven Fatal Mistakes with Your Website Copy?

People don’t come to a website looking for interesting pictures or cool design elements – they come looking for information. … That’s why you need to make sure to give them the information they need, in words that catch their attention and compel them to sign up for your opt-in offer or purchase your product. Too Many Websites […]

6 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Boost Your Chances Of Success

Here are the top six affiliate marketing tips to help you figure out how to identify profitable affiliate marketing opportunities and avoid the ones that are a total waste of time and money. Tip 1: Try The Product First Have you found an affiliate product you’re interested in promoting? We strongly urge you to try […]