Simple Email Marketing Tips That Sell Big – Mitch Tarr

Mitch Tarr - Zin Marketing

Struggling marketers and entrepreneurs consider email marketing an ugly, red headed step child they put in the corner and ignore. But savvy, battle hardened marketers focus on email marketing and consider it a Golden Goose. Why? It’s still the most personal, highest converting and highest return on investment marketing channel. Mitch Tarr is the former Vice […]

13 Experts Reveal The Truth About Guest Blogging


Google’s head of webspam team, Matt Cutts cause a minor tremor on the interweb on January 20, 2014 when he declare… Stick a fork in it – guest blogging is done. @MattCutts In response, we asked some of the World’s top bloggers and SEO experts a simple question: “Are you abandoning guest posting / blogging and […]

The 3-Step Content Marketing Roadshow Strategy For Building Natural Links

Most savvy CEO’s, entrepreneurs and marketers have already implemented a content marketing strategy. That’s step 1 because content does not market itself. Most people forget the 2nd part of content marketing … “marketing.” You have to commit someone on your team to promoting your content to websites who have your audience -”like minded” websites so […]

The Hollywood Secret To Seducing Your Audience, Building a Following and Increasing Traffic – With Gideon Shalwick


If you think Hollywood is in the business of making movies…you’d be wrong. Dead wrong. For a guy who says, “he doesn’t know a lot about video production” Gideon Shalwick produces the most professional Youtube videos on video marketing I’ve ever seen, he’s built a following of over 100,000 Youtube followers and 60,000+ readers on […]

The Insanely Simple Advanced Traffic Secret…Almost Everyone Ignores

"Getting Website Traffic is Easy

Most online entrepreneurs complain that their biggest challenge is getting more traffic. Scott Rewick’s reply? “Traffic is NOT a problem.” In fact, he says it’s much easier for the little guy to get big traffic to his website…because there is more traffic available than ever. What’s the insanely simple traffic secret Scott Rewick used to […]

From Failure to Fully Booked in 2-Weeks With Zero Marketing Budget – Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez Grumo Media Comeback Story

Starting and growing an online business doesn’t have to be hard…IF you’re using the right strategy. Learn how Miguel Hernandez went from business failure to starting Grumo Media and attracting 40 high-profile clients (including Actor Ashton Kutcher) begging for him to produce their product demo videos in 2-weeks…with zero marketing budget. Originally, I interviewed Miguel […]