Bombas – $400,000 socks sold in 4-days after Shark Tank + deal w Daymond John

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David Heath and Randy Goldberg turned their business idea for better socks into $2 Million in sales in just over 1-year, had one of THE most successful crowdfunding apparel campaigns on IndieGogo, hooked a deal on Shark Tank with Daymond John and attracted a record setting $400,000 in sales within 4-days of airing. 

9:52 How luck really works in business and a great example from Bombas and Tom’s Shoes.

Shark Tank

16:00 – The (surprising) comment Kevin O’Leary made about his TV persona. Why Kevin O’Leary called Bombas $4M valuation “ludicrous.”

24:00 One thing you wish you’d know before appearing on Shark Tank

35:00 “the work is endless. ways to keep your life balance” If you could go back in time – what would you say to yourself to make your life easier?

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