Bootstrapped Grilled Cheese Tent to $1M/mth Sales & $600K on Shark Tank

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Corey Ward’s goal is grilled cheese World domination.

Corey Ward, went from investing $2400 in a food tent to sell grilled cheese sandwiches in the freezing Cincinatti winter to starting a restaurant for $5000, growing into a 44 franchisees, 177 locations store locations and getting $600,000 investment from Mark Cuban + Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank.

Why they sell the world’s first and only Grilled Cheese Donuts?

How he started with a food tent for $2400 and made a parlayed his revenue into a bootstrapped restaurant for less than $5000

The staggering amount of franchise requests they got after airing on Shark Tank.

22:00 – How the mindset shift of doing what you can, not what you want, instead of getting it perfect has benefit their growth.

24:00 The advice they wish they had before they went on Shark Tank.

Shark Tank

Accepted  $600,000 for 30% with Mark Cuban and Barabara Corcoran


Free Prize Inside – Seth Godin


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