Chapul – Insect Energy Bar gets $50k on Shark Tank + Mark Cuban

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Patrick Crowley, is on a mission to save the planet by getting people to switch to a more sustainable food source, ground up crickets. Eating crickets are better for you than chicken and beef and the planet.

4:00 How we can save the planet by eating bugs.

20:00 The one radical changed they made to their sales pitch that lead to 400% annual growth.

24:20 What happened to sales after episode airing on Shark Tank

25:40 His practical financial advice for entrepreneurs starting a business. “I have a really low cost of living. That’s crucial for entrepreneurs – Learn to be happy without any money. Find the activities that don’t cost any money and enjoy those.” 

30:45 What he learned about the type of people to hire from one of the pioneering lifestyle entrepreneurs.


Let My People Go Surfing -

Biggest takeaway “Trusting and having faith in your customers for making responsible purchases.”

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