Increasing Sales In Your Online Store

Increase Online Sales

How do you maximize sales once someone lands on your website or online store? Jason Bax Interviews John Lawson Excerpt from full 43min interview John Lawson is an urban accessories retailer who has sold millions of bandanas online using eBay, Amazon, Google pay-per-click and search engine optimization. In this interview excerpt, John shares:  A simple […]

Are You Making These Seven Fatal Mistakes with Your Website Copy?

People don’t come to a website looking for interesting pictures or cool design elements – they come looking for information. … That’s why you need to make sure to give them the information they need, in words that catch their attention and compel them to sign up for your opt-in offer or purchase your product. Too Many Websites […]

5-Minute Credibility Booster for Your Site

Here’s a five-minute exercise that will vastly improve your site’s credibility: Fix your typos. Use this quick guide to the most commonly misused words and misspelled words we’ve found on websites. Your spell checker won’t catch most of them (you ARE using your spell checker on your website copy, aren’t you?). So go find them and fix them […]

Conversion Tip: The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Sale

If you’ve been an IMC Insider for any length of time, you know that your website copy is the BIGGEST force you have to turn visitors into sales. So it’s well worth the time needed to create a compelling headline… establish your credibility… present your offer… and nail down all your salescopy essentials. But after […]

Power Headlines To Increase Conversion

Professional copywriters know that All successful sales letters start the same way: with a compelling headline! In fact, the headline is the most important element of your salesletter because it’s key to grabbing your readers’ attention — and keeping it! And you only have a matter of seconds to do this. If you don’t instantly […]

Use Benefits To Increase Sales

When it comes to your website, the MOST important elements are the WORDS you use to sell your product. People don’t come to a website looking for pretty pictures or funky design elements — they come looking for INFORMATION. … That’s why you need to make sure to give them the information they need, in […]

How to Write RIGHT for the Web

Four Writing Myths That Stand Between You and Your Sales… How to Write RIGHT for the Web Does the thought of writing make you want to dive for cover? If so, there’s a good chance you’re being held captive by memories of rigid grammar rules and a ruthless red pen. Hey… it’s time to let […]

Long Copy vs. Short Copy

The debate never ends on long vs. short copy salesletters… Copyblogger has a great blog post on how to trim your long copy salesletter. We know that long copy works, but also know that if it doesn’t compel the reader to act, it won’t convert. The trick is to cover all the points that will […]