eBooks vs. Printed Books

All businesses can benefit from publishing a book or an ebook.  It doesn’t matter if you sell a tangible product (like coffee makers) or if you sell a service (like consulting or coaching), when you publish a book or ebook about your area of expertise, you are positioning yourself as an expert and giving people much needed information prior to buying your product and service.

I remember when I ran my first course on internet marketing, only 3 people showed up.  In fact, the money they paid me to take the class was less than what it cost me to advertise the course in the local newspaper.

After writing my first ebook, I was able to get booked as a speaker at some local events which eventually led to a public speaking tour that lasted for nearly 3 years.  Not only that, but we were then filling a class every 6 to 8 weeks with 24 to 36 students in each.  The best part was, that I was no longer spending a dime to advertise.

I often get asked if I recommend publishing as an ebook or if it’s better to publish as a printed book.

This is an ongoing debate among published experts (and within the IMC team ;) ), and the answer really depends on why you are publishing a book and what you are hoping to gain from it.

While it is true that it might be easier to get speaking engagements or media coverage if your book is a printed one,  most consumers are turning to digital media for their information.  With all the new technology for ebook readers, smartphones, tablets, etc, it is much easier for someone to download an ebook than it is to carry around a printed book.

However, there is one simple way to turn an ebook into a hard copy so that you satisfy both the online and offline worlds.

A couple months ago, I published a video that discussed ways that you can do this.

Click here to the watch video

Next week I am speaking at a conference where I will be talking about how to publish and ebook both online and offline, as well as how to write high-quality content for it in less than 1 week.  

Hopefully I will have some audio clips of that prensentation in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend,

Chuck Anderson & The IMC Team

P.S. Join me at the Self-Publishers Online Conference (SPOC) next week so you can learn the ins and outs of the book publishing business from 16 expert speakers. See the details here.


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