Simple Email Marketing Tips That Sell Big – Mitch Tarr

Struggling marketers and entrepreneurs consider email marketing an ugly, red headed step child Mitch Tarr - Zin Marketingthey put in the corner and ignore.

But savvy, battle hardened marketers focus on email marketing and consider it a Golden Goose.


It’s still the most personal, highest converting and highest return on investment marketing channel.

Mitch Tarr is the former Vice President of Marketing of one of the largest online training companies in the world and founder of Zin Marketing, a 6-year-old ethical email marketing agency with 2500 campaigns, 90 Million emails sent in 104 different industries.

What’s working in email marketing in 2014?

The key to make your message stand out from dozens of other personal, promo and spam email people are getting in their inbox every day is to write in a personal tone. It’s no always easy, but it’s key. Check out Mitch’s professional email marketer’s 7-step checklist to writing emails that get opened

The trap 90% of companies fall into is to write too formal.

Write like who you are, how how talk, include your voice = your personality.

Message must look and sound personal just like a personal message you’d write a friend.

Simple sells more. One message, one column. NOT two columns.

Minimize barriers before reach message – remove clutter before the message: banners, issue number, date, etc..

- Signup for 10+ newsletters. Take note of the emails you can’t stop yourself from opening and which ones your read. Take notes why and model them for your newsletter.

How Do You Squeeze More Money Out of Email?

“Buffet style” emails do not work with multiple things to click on.

Mitch, shares the number of offers you should make in your email to maxim sales in our interview, above.

Mindset of a successful email marketer

The first time Mitch and his team were engaged to write email copy for a client with 7.2 Million subscribers , he was a bit intimidated. His trick? His mindset trick that made it easier and the campaign successful (It’s not imagining them naked) was to imagine you’re writing to one person you already know, not 7 Million, just one person.

Give your subscriber a face, name, age, etc…

Favorite Quote

“Don’t let the tail wag the dog.”

This means that you need to focus on the 99% of people want to hear what you have to say not the 1% who will complain.

Aha Moment

When you’re in the service business like Mitch, you really have to sell your ideas to your clients..even your existing one, constantly! And have data to back it up.

Why? So they will get out of your way, let you do your best work and get best results for your clients.

Service providers often forget that they have a ton of “in the trenches” experience. When a services client get’s cranky it’s usually because re-sell your clients on why you’re doing what you’re doing….because they forget and can become a bit difficult.

Which book changed your life?

Tested Advertising Methods: How To Profit By Removing Guesswork, by John Caples

If he had to start over again what would he do?

- Be more aggressive about building his email list from the beginning.

- Pick a niche and focus on it. eg. email guy for chiropractors.

- Zone in on one list building strategy.

Listen to the audio to learn which tactic Mitch would use.


Course: “No Spam Email Marketing Course”

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