10 Steps To Perfect Emails

Hands down Email Marketing has the best conversion rate of any form of online marketing. It is so effect because it is a direct connection to your followers and allows you to build a relationship with them. People feel more comfortable buying from people they trust and have a relationship with. The big problem that […]

Simple Email Marketing Tips That Sell Big – Mitch Tarr

Mitch Tarr - Zin Marketing

Struggling marketers and entrepreneurs consider email marketing an ugly, red headed step child they put in the corner and ignore. But savvy, battle hardened marketers focus on email marketing and consider it a Golden Goose. Why? It’s still the most personal, highest converting and highest return on investment marketing channel. Mitch Tarr is the former Vice […]

Why email marketing works for ANY business


Email marketing is the online entrepreneur’s best friend! Consider this: About 99% of your website visitors will leave without buying anything from you on their first visit. But by creating a great opt-in offer you can at least get their contact details — and then use email marketing to follow up, build relationships, and turn […]

List Marketing Strategies That Work For EVERY Business

Opt-in offers are HUGE marketing opportunities for online businesses. A great opt-in offer that compels your visitors to sign up will enable you to grow a list of people who WANT to hear from you — so you have the chance to sell to those same people again and again. During the first 20 minutes […]

5 Steps To Earning The Most Profit From Your Email List

Hi everybody, I’ve received a ton of questions this week about what to offer their website visitors to get them to join their mailing list. Last week, I explained that if you are losing money if: You are not collecting email addresses You are not communicating with your list regularly You do not include revenue producing links […]

Spam, Outlook, Spam, Microsoft, Spam, Spam, and Spam

Anyone who uses email marketing knows how disastrous it can be to be blacklisted as a spammer. Your emails won’t be delivered, your reputation suffers… not to mention your bottom line. Fortunately for you, we have tools that report how different email programs evaluate incoming messages. Here are our latest discoveries about how Microsoft Outlook […]

Build Your Opt-In List Fast with this Powerful Technique

Are you looking for quick ways to build your opt-in list? Conduct an online survey! Surveys are great for doing market research. But there’s an extra, hidden benefit to conducting a survey. You can use it to grow your opt-in list! That’s important because you can build a strong relationship with the people on your opt-in […]