Master Class: How To Get Fast, Responsive Traffic From Email Advertising with Super Affiliate Chad Hamzeh

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Ever wanted to web traffic, fast? Or t

Chad Hamzeh went from broke MMA fighter working a call center to a super affiliate, without using search engine optimization. His secret to success was becoming an online advertising expert.

What’s working best for him and his clients most recently is a uses a little know traffic tactic used by super affiliates…Email advertising.

“You can do $10,000 a month right out of the gate with email traffic and scale up really quickly if you target properly.”

Between his own in-house offers and his agency clients at DsV2 Media Chad Hamzeh drives well over $100,000 a month in revenue from just email traffic, alone.

“Google will probably rule the banner space within the next 5 years. Facebook owns the social ad space, right now. But the one the online entrepreneur owns his their email list.”

“Facebook and SEO tend to change, but email doesn’t seem to change all that much. Not since I’ve been in the game.”

This is the traffic tactic

In today’s class

1 Million clicks in 2nd week of the year – in just health offers.

Website that get’s 8-10 Million pagviews a day

Manage 1 – 2.5 advertising spend per month.

Banner ad in regular newsletter – most surprising – best performing ad.

What you MUST be a slave to the numbers. They don’t lie.

“Play a game worth winning by having an offer serve a massive market. Or a smaller one that pays a lot of money. Then work with a channel that can bring in a hug amount of traffic.”

The most effective

(full story) > (video) . The 1 (extremely) small tweak that increased his return on investment 260%



Get a lot of traffic fast – ie. 10′s of thousands of clicks

Double ad response

Regular traffic you MAY get 15-20% email optins (“unless you have the targeting really dialed in”

But with email traffic you’ll often hit 30-35%.  Implied endoresment.


2 biggest traffic sites. ( google better on compliance)

Direct ad buys for banners.


3 – archamax, news max, publisher’s clearing house.


AdBeat – for banners but go to ad section

- go to ad section


The most important – What’s the expected range of clicks? What’s the average? KNow epc

Don’t want blind clicks.

30: CRM of choice Limelight CRM + getresponse.

Don’t be

- Test it, don’t get emotional about the money, just look at the numbers, the numbers tell the truth regardless of what you assumed.

“Don’t get emotional about money. Don’t think, “Oh I lost money.” You always get something out of a campaign even if you had a negative ROI. You learn what ads and offers resonate with the audience best.”

“Test small, roll-out big.”

Risk management – test small, see what’s working and what’s not.

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