From Zero to Online Quilting Empire


Penny Halgren was in a dead-end job when she started with zero experience and built it to $200,000 to $300,000 per year in online sales. Big companies often overlook small markets because they are…well…just too small. But those same small markets can be “big” business for small entrepreneurs, like Penny, who just want to […]

Is Branding Important For Online Sales?

John Lawson, 3rd Power Outlet

Many people approach internet marketing as direct mail marketing online without giving too much thought about their brand. But how important is branding to online sales? Jason Bax Interviews John Lawson about branding. Excerpt from Jason’s full 43min interview. John Lawson is an urban accessories retailer who has sold millions of bandanas online using eBay, […]

Great customer service? It’s all in the details.


After you discover a market through researching for a quality niche, you’ll want to spend some time thinking about your customers before you do anything else! And we don’t just mean how to market to them or take their money! Unless your product can be delivered electronically, it’s important to consider the best way to […]

High-risk words to stay away from.


If a word is hard to pronounce, people will assume that whatever it represents is risky. This comes from the results of a recent study published in Psychological Science. The subjects looked at  two made-up names for food additives and had to decide which would be more harmful. Another experiment did the same thing with […]