Entrepreneurs Turned Ideas Into Dollars : Startups that make money, passive income & build online business with online marketing, social media, podcasting, ecommerce

Ever thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”) Actor turned entrepreneur Jason Bax uncovers surprising business ideas that make (big) money and interviews the startup entrepreneurs about the successes and failures of turning their ideas into dollars, how they found the idea, got the courage to make the jump to entrepreneurship, beat the odds and turn […]

Why Sell an Automated Lifestyle Business?


Why would anyone sell a lifestyle business that automatically earns the founder $200,000 to $300,000 per year? Cashing out to fund retirement Building the war chest to fund new ventures Distraction & focus. Although a business my “run itself” they often need care, attention and some upkeep…just like a home or car. If the founder […]

IT Makes My Head Hurt!

Head Hurt

Do you ever feel like screaming, “Why is this Internet technology (IT) so #@*% difficult?” I do – all the time. I have a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and graduated at the top of my class – twice. Yeah, that made my Mom really proud! My point, though, is that I know I […]

Becoming A Self Published Author, Online & Offline

Self-Publishers Online Conference May 10-12 Gain credibility and authority for you and your business by publishing a book. It’s not as hard as you think!  At the Self-Publishers Online Conference (SPOC), you can learn the ins and outs of the book publishing business from 16 expert speakers — including IMC Marketing Director Chuck Anderson — […]

Want to Make Millions Online? Dream On…


How often do you get bombarded with offers for online marketing products that are virtually guaranteed to make you an Internet millionaire almost overnight for only an hour or two of work a week? Yeah… they drive us crazy, too. Today we’re going to go against the grain and say what no other Internet marketer […]

Marketing In A Turbulent Economy

I’m not gonna sugar coat it… it’s looking pretty darn ugly out there! I’ll spare you a rehash of all the gory details — I’m sure you’re WELL aware of them already — but suffice to say that the stock market and economy took a pretty sound thrashing this week. And MANY people are worried. […]

Plan For The Worst… Hope For The Best!

In the end, it could have been MUCH worse… On Monday morning, hurricane Gustav blasted across Louisiana and surrounding states, leaving behind a trail of destruction estimated to be in the billions of dollars But despite the extensive damage, the one thing people feared MOST never happened… New Orleans was spared. Gustav made landfall 100 […]

3 Easy Ways To Start Selling Online

I’ve been feeling bad all day, because yesterday I may have broke a woman’s heart (don’t worry, Coralynn, it’s completely innocent! You see, I was chatting to a woman while waiting for my car at the service center, when our conversation turned to business… … and when she found out what I did for a […]