From Broke MMA Fighter to Millionaire Online Entrepreneur Affiliate – Chad Hamzeh

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Mixed martial arts fighter, Chad Hamzeh, went from broke fighter, working in a call center to earning thousands of dollars a day in online marketing promoting affiliate products by mastering the art of driving traffic with paid ads, aka media buying.


Chad Hamzeh is the founder of DSV2 Media, an online direct response agency.

He’s also the founder of Traffic BlackBook, which teaches media buying start to finish.


How did you come up with this business idea?

Traffic agency – clients who sell health products – way to leverage wa

What kind of numbers are you doing?

1mill to 1.5 per month ad spend.

$1.3 Mill revenue.

$500K previous
What marketing tactic is working for you right now ?

Talk about a tactic you were convinced would work but flopped?

Best business advice?

What was your most painful setback? (And how did you get through it?)

If you could go back in time – what would you say to yourself to make your life easier?

What’s the most common mistake you see entrepreneurs making?

A book that changed your life?

A quote that has inspired you?

Software or website you couldn’t live without and why?




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