The Hollywood Secret To Seducing Your Audience, Building a Following and Increasing Traffic – With Gideon Shalwick

If you think Hollywood is in the business of making movies…you’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

For a guy who says, “he doesn’t know a lot about video production” Gideon Shalwick produces the most professional Youtube videos on video marketing I’ve ever seen, he’s built a following of over 100,000 Youtube followers and 60,000+ readers on his blog.

In this interview, Gideon shares the powerful psychological tactic Hollywood screenwriters and bestselling authors use to seduce audiences, captivate your attention and suck you in like a tractor beam…

…And you can use to dramatically increase visitors to your website, video, teleseminar, webinar or podcast.

Gideon explains the psychological trick called open loops Hollywood uses to suck visitors in like a tractor beam , turn them into a loyal following and boost traffic. What is the psychological trick?

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How do you create an open loop?

STEP 1 : The Setup

If you’re reading this it’s probably because your attention was captivated by the title…

“The Hollywood Secret To Seducing Your Audience”

I mean, who doesn’t want to learn Hollywood secrets, right? (Except for my Dad, who’d rather watch golf)

STEP 2 : Create the Open Loop

I then created an loop when I started off with…

“If you think Hollywood is in the business of making movies…you’d be wrong.”

After reading that you were probably thinking, “OK, what business are they in?”

It’s “open” because I didn’t give you the answer. This creates a need-to-know phenomenon that psychologists call the Zeigarnik Effect – which states, “that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks” and compels audiences to focus on the content to find the answer to the question…and close the loop.

Watch the video to learn the 9-word key phrase you need to say after your open the loop that puts people on the edge of their seats. ( Gideon learned from master marketer Mark Joyner)

STEP 3: Close The Loop

OK, now you have to close the loop before the end otherwise people will feel deceived.


…if Hollywood isn’t in the movie making business – what business are they really in?

The marketing business, baby.

When they say a film has a $50 Million dollar budget – $25-Million of that budget (in some cases more) go to marketing the movie…putting “bums in seats” then selling them overpriced popcorn, sugar water and candy.

The film itself is just something to sell – a highly consumable product that appeals to a broad audience.

STEP 4: Open Another Look and Create a Cliffhanger

Opening a loop at the end of your video, blog post or audio will create a “cliffhanger” and turn first time visitors into a loyal audience, eagerly awaiting your next email newsletter, how to video, podcast or blog post…and build your traffic.

You can do this by simply breaking longer content into 2-5 part series.

Or simply tell them what’s coming next.


If you want more visitors to your website, video or podcast employ the tactic used by Gideon and Hollywood…lead with open loops to suck people into your content. Open a second loop at the end to create cliffhangers to seduce them into coming back and visiting your website again. Using cliffhangers leverages your existing traffic by converting people into returning visitors, so your traffic will begin to snowball and grow over time.

Have any great examples of open loops? Share what you learned and how you’ll use it in your business, below. Love to hear your feedbax.


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