Homeless to $1 Million in 1-Year Writing Words

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How did Michael Shreeve go from owning a business, “failing miserably,” losing $150,000 in 1-month and becoming homeless to turning it all around, bouncing back and put a million dollars in the bank in 1-year as a writer?

Short Answer: Epic, maniacal hustle …bordering on self masochism.

In this very honest and candid interview you’ll learn:

- Priceless business lessons from losing $150k in 30 days and how it changed how he makes business decisions, today.

- His (shocking) answer to the “4-Hour-Work-Week” mindset

- How a case study proving turned into a $350,000 copywriting business  (side) business in with 1200 clients in 15 months – ( AND why he would NOT recommend anyone do it.)

- What questions to ask an SEO before hiring them (from a former SEO)

- The (cold hard) truth about outsourcing your business

- The (real) business of making money as a writer



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