Homeless to 6-Figures in 2 Years Blogging + Coaching ADHD

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Tom Menditto went from broke, living in his car with only $300 in his bank account to earning 6-figures in 2-years blogging and coaching people with ADHD…without a single, fancy, shiny, advanced marketing tactic taught by marketing “gurus.” What strategy did he use to grow his online business and achieve financial success? He worked on building himself first…then money followed…fast. PLUS you’ll also learn…



In this interview you’re also going to learn:

16:00 What he did differently than other coaches to build his high-priced coaching business

19:00 Why business cards leads to negative psychology and poor sales.

22: His LOWEST point – How he went from losing all his clients, crying in his bathtub, too broke to attend his step-mother’s funeral to turning it all around.

36:00 What’s helped his success more than any marketing tactics.

“You have to build you up. The tactics come and go.” When build yourself and then you build your business.  

37:00 His most powerful, one word tactic that he used to turn his life and business around.

 38:42 The (surprising) lesson you can learn about entrepreneurship from Bruce Lee

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