Horrible Employee to Highly Paid Facebook Trainer

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Jon Loomer shares how being a “horrible employee” lead to the best job in sports running the NBA’s fantasy league and how he started and grew a multi 6-figure Facebook training lifestyle business from his home.


In this episode you’ll learn:

:: Why the $1 trial offer marketers use to get new customers sucks, why he changed his prices and what happened to his business and lifestyle

:: The (surprising) reason why he pays for facebook ads without driving visitors to a product or service

:: How saying NO to clients makes him more money

:: Why Loomer moved away from selling training courses and what he sells now. HINT: It’s not consulting

PLUS (Available for a limited time. Part 2 will be moving to a private members area. )

Jon Loomer shares his 3 advanced Facebook traffic strategies. These are totally unique strategies that I haven’t heard anywhere.


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