HourlyNerd: MBA Project to $5-10Mill in 1yr + Attracting Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban as Investor

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HourlyNerd.com is disrupting the traditional consulting industry with it’s unique marketplace.

Patrick Petitti, former consultant and business school student turned his disruptive idea for a marketplace for high-end consultants into over $5M in online sales in 1-year and attracting Mark Cuban from Shark Tank as an investor. 


- How he and his co-founder came up with the business idea

- How he tested the validity of the idea and got his first customers.

- Why he turned down an offer to appear on Shark Tank

- His most effective marketing tactic

- How he attracted Mark Cuban as an investor

- The first 3 questions Cuban asked before investing

- Why boutique consulting firms are HourlyNerd.com

- Unique advice for consultants who want to increase their clientelle



Uber.com – because he’d rather work on emails in confort than drive himself to work

TaskRabbit.com – He has a story of it saving his butt for $50

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