Increasing Sales In Your Online Store

How do you maximize sales once someone lands on your website or online store?

Jason Bax Interviews John Lawson
Excerpt from full 43min interview

John Lawson is an urban accessories retailer who has sold millions of bandanas online using eBay, Amazon, Google pay-per-click and search engine optimization. In this interview excerpt, John shares:

  1.  A simple tip he used to increased sales in his online store
  2. How this tip keeps people on his site longer and why that’s important
  3. What he’s planning to add to his site this year to crank up sales even higher

Watch Full Interview : Business Unusual

Website :


  1. Jak -bauer CTU says

    why you think that you make any Sells on this 3rdpoweroutlet ?

    The Design ist for i think Scaters or some other Kids.

    and Merchendise are very poor quality. and thei are couple of them on the Site, too Poor. that off.

    ok, and the last thing ist: “What actuarely does 3rd-Power-Outlet, does have with this Skater Merchendise ?”

    This Site is not making any Sells, its very poor Site i would not Buy there, even if thei would it sell much more Cheaper then now.

    Sorry thats my Opinion

    • says

      1. 3rdpoweroutlet is a very successful online store that generates millions in sales every year
      2. “Design is for skaters and kids.” You got it!
      3. “It’s a poor site” The design may not be for you…you’re probably NOT the target market. The lesson is not to appeal to everyone, just to the people who will hand you money

  2. says

    John you have a great store front. And I tend to agree with you about how to present your products.
    Using the written and spoken word along with a video presentation sounds awesome,
    Thanks for giving me some insight as I am trying to develop my online store now.

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