The Insanely Simple Advanced Traffic Secret…Almost Everyone Ignores

Scott Rewick Online Media Buying Traffic Expert

Most online entrepreneurs complain that their biggest challenge is getting more traffic.

Scott Rewick’s reply? “Traffic is NOT a problem.”

In fact, he says it’s much easier for the little guy to get big traffic to his website…because there is more traffic available than ever.

What’s the insanely simple traffic secret Scott Rewick used to generate over $100-Million selling everything from Netflix subscriptions to teeth whitening kits?

He paid for it.

To some online marketers the idea of paying for traffic is as distasteful and repugnant as paying for sex. But it’s the tipping point for most successful online businesses.

Here’s Scott’s advice on getting traffic:

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You know those banner ads that you ignore or scratch your head wondering who clicks on them? Well, millions of people click on them everyday. Some of those people spend money on the sites they visit.

Anytime you pay for your traffic you are media buying. Some people refer to it as online advertising.

With the increase in people coming online, social networks and mobile browsers the opportunities to get your ad in front of people is growing every day.

LESSON : Banner ads are not dead or a dirty word – they are a hugely overlooked opportunity to get more targeted traffic.


“There are 1 to 2 trillion ad views in the U.S. every month, alone. I mean, give me a break. Getting traffic is not a problem.”

Website owners, ad brokers, ad networks, list owners, etc… constantly pitch Scott on handing him millions more visitors a month.

The hardest part of his job was saying ‘No’ to millions in extra traffic he could potentially get his hands on.


The guys standing in line, hoping and wishing to get into a popular nightclub but often leave disheartened are the free traffic crowd.

The guys who bypass the long line, get in right away and enjoy the party before everyone else – the VIPs – do simply because they’re willing to pay.  They’re the paid traffic guys, a.k.a media buyers, the white knights of the online business world.

People offer them unbelievable back room deals on traffic because they if buyers like Scott can make the traffic pay off they will spend potentially 6-figures every single day.

LESSON: When you’re willing to pay, you don’t have to find traffic, it will come to you. And you can have your pick of the best sources before everyone else.


Rewick doesn’t beat around the bush, “Free traffic sucks.”

“Free traffic ain’t free!” It costs time, money and lost opportunity. Worse yet, once people see a tactic working they rush in like pigs at a trough until the search engine changes the rules and the tactic stops working.

LESSON: Take as much free traffic as you can get but don’t rely on it as your only traffic source.


If you’re really serious about building and growing your business you need traffic you can count on that’s regular, predictable and forecastable.

Predictable and scalable traffic sources are especially important if you want to eventually sell your business.

I recently spoke to a business owner who lost a potential buyer for his business when their site experienced a painful 50% drop in traffic from their sole source of traffic – the search engines. (Talk about adding insult to injury).


The key 1st step to profitable paid traffic is focusing on creating and finding an offer that converts like crazy.

Your offer is your specific product/service, price, payment options, guarantee, etc…

A great offer can sell extremely well on low quality, un-targeted traffic. That’s one of the reason you see the same style of ads repeatedly.

LESSON: It’s all about your offer. A bad product and weak offer will make buying traffic unprofitable.


In the old days you needed deep pockets to buy website advertising. Today you can slap together a website and get in the game with a $25-100 a day ad budget and get your ads shown on a network of sites in less than 2 hours.

With a little testing and tweaking you’ll eventually find an ad and an offer that performs well. The next step is to take that ad and find more websites to put it on (you can approach individual sites or leverage the power of ad networks like   take that ad and

 LESSON: It’s a level playing field today. You can start small and get big, real big…fast.

HOW TO GO FROM $100 TO $300,000 PER DAY

Watch the video interview to learn a few of the clever little tricks one affiliate used to go from $100 to $300,000 per day.


1. Create or find a strong product offer

2. Start with a small ad budget of $25-$200 per day.

3. Focus on one ad channel at a time – ie. Facebook Ads, or 1 of these 30 ad networks

4. Test and tweak ads and landing pages until you find something that works

4. Scale for more traffic by reinvesting your profits from your winning ad by increasing the ad impressions and/or finding new sources of traffic.

5. HINT: Negotiate delaying payment terms to advertisers and suppliers so you can leverage your money (Warning – this is an advanced tactic. Make sure you have a proven offer that’s performing well before you try this)


Traffic is not a problem…if you know how to buy it profitably.

It’s not impossible to get free traffic from Google and other referring websites but it’s getting harder because there is more competition and the bar has been raised.

The reality is that most successful online businesses, successful affiliate marketers and rapidly growing companies use a paid traffic strategy. They key is finding an offer that performs well. Once you hit on the offer that converts visitors into sales you’ll find yourself asking, “Where can I buy more traffic?” And that’s the secret to scaling up huge…because when you can pay for traffic, it’s everywhere. Getting web traffic is easy as ordering a cappuccino.

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    Great post, I really enjoyed your video presentation. I am a firm believer that making money online comes down to how many people are in your subscriber list. Being able to sell anything to prospective buyers is a great revenue potential. However, you need to build a targeted email list.

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    Very motivating post. You are right about not only limiting ourselves to organic traffic and invest on ads as well. The great thing about paid traffic is, we can get it instantly yet has a potential to stop once we run out of budget yet it is still traffic.

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