LoveSac, $50M Selling World’s Biggest Bean Bag Chair & Becoming Billionaire Richard Branson’s Protege

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Ten days after high school self made millionaire entrepreneur, Shawn Nelson, thought it would be funny to make the world’s biggest bean bag chair

Today, LoveSac has grown organically into over $50 Million in annual sales, 60 retails stores, double digit online business sales growth with ZERO marketing or advertising.


- How he came up with his big idea

- How bean bag chairs lead Nelson to innovate an even more successful product, Sactionals.
- His biggest failure / setback and how he overcame the obstacle

- Why LoveSac stopped all marketing to focus on one thing.

- The (surprising) lesson he learned from looking behing the curtain of Richard Branson’s business empire – (that will help your business mindset)

- What Richard Branson thinks about “luck” in business

- How LoveSac is “revolutionizing” the furniture industry.


…in the latest Episode of Self Made Entrepreneur

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