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Increase Your Traffic Today

How To Increase Website Traffic With Online Advertising

Flood Your Website With The Traffic Tactic This Super Affiliate Used To Make $200 Million

  • Stop relying on “slap happy” Google or flaky affiliates to send you traffic
  • Get as much traffic as you want, right now!
  • The traffic tactic used by top online marketers and serious businesses
  • The only traffic strategy that turns $1 into $2 in sales

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Jason Bax interviews 13 year online advertising veteran
Scott Rewick about why it’s smarter and easier to pay for traffic

 “Honey Badger” Defined: “The most tenacious animal in the wild kingdom according,” to Guinness Book of World Records. Considered a compliment to entrepreneurs who have worked hard to achieve success in their field. Watch the famous Honey Badger video here…

As an affiliate (paying for traffic out of his own pocket) Scott generated 20% of Netflix new signups. Here are a few of his other clients…

Ask Yourself…

Are you sick of relying on “slap happy” Google to send you visitor traffic?

Want to flood your website with instant traffic that you can turn up & down like water from a tap?

Screw Google! The truth is less than 5% of web traffic actually comes from Google. Over 95% of traffic comes from other websites.

THE SECRET…You’ve gotta pay for traffic! And the good news is that it’s way EASIER and cheaper for the little guy today.

Jason Bax makes super affiliate Scott Rewick share every detail of the traffic strategy he used to buy $100 Million in online advertising, generate billions in visitor traffic and turn it into $200 Million in sales.

This isn’t some “traffic trick” peddled by a so called marketing guru. It’s not even new. (But sadly most people don’t know about it) It’s the same traffic strategy used by super affiliates, serious online entrepreneurs and Fortune 500′s to attract massive traffic and sales.

Scott pioneered the online advertising space when he generated 20% of Netlix new signups as a 100% commission based affiliate marketer using his own money. He’s also been hired to buy traffic for clients like Amex, Chase, Citibank, many publishing companies, etc…

Why Not “Free Traffic?”

    1. “Free traffic ain’t free!” It costs time, money and lost opportunity. Anyone who tells you “free traffic” is really free is an amateur who doesn’t know what they’re talking about…run away from them…don’t walk.
    2. “Free traffic” is totally unreliable if you are interested about growing your business or just getting regular and predictable sales
    3. You don’t control when you get “free traffic,” how much you get OR the quality of the traffic

SOLUTION: If you want to instantly flood your website with profitable, high quality visitor traffic that will buy what you’re selling the ONLY way to do that is to pay for it using the online advertising strategy you’ll learn inside this course (and used by super affiliates, serious online entrepreneurs and Fortune 500′s)


How to Choose Your Traffic Channel

Learn the ONE decision you need to make (and how to get it right) to be a traffic expert that will put you in the top 5% online earners in the profession but destroys 95% of “amateurs” who get it wrong.

Plus, the ONE website Scott Rewick would choose to buy ads on if he had to start from ZERO, broke and had a very limited ad budget to build his online business. (Scott has built 7 online businesses to over $25 million+)

Model Success: How To Find & Follow the “Smart Money” Online Advertisers

Success leaves footprints and they’re easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Learn the mindset and how to develop the advertiser’s eye to spot profitable online advertising campaigns that have already spent their own money testing, tweaking and optimizing…so you don’t have to.

The 5 Ways To Make Money Buying Online Advertising

You’ve got to know all the options available to maximize your profits. Scott explains the 5 different ways online advertisers, big and small, make money buying traffic.

I was shocked that some of the biggest advertisers don’t even use their own websites!

The Testing “Rule of Thumb”

“When testing an online advertising source or campaign, you ought not to spend more then ___x the $ amount you’ll make from 1 sale.”

Pros know not to break this rule of thumb. The newbies who don’t know the rule or insist on breaking it…go broke and leave the business.

Measure: Online Advertising Math

You don’t have to be an ‘A’ math student to create a campaign that gets millions in traffic and sales BUT you do have to know what numbers to track and dust off your grade 8 math skills.
(Note:  We also include the exact marketing spreadsheet aka Dashboard, Scott used to track the $100 Million in online ads….I recommend you copy it)

Defend: Crushing Your Competition

Once you’ve paid your dues to get your campaign profitable…all eyes are on you…the copycats come out of the woodwork. How do you defend your profitable campaign from copycats and crush your competition? You’ll learn the 3 areas of leverage (most people will never know) that make it impossible for compete with you.

Profits: The 4 Key Numbers To Maximizing Your Profits

Want to buy traffic and prosper? Learn the only 4 key numbers you need to focus on to win the taffic game AND the simple formula Scott has learn in 13 years spending $100 MIllion in advertising that will reliably tell you if you have a winning traffic campaign or a loser, the day after you start running your ad.

Scott says, “I see amateurs break this rule over and over again…they lose their shirts…and drop out of the game.”

Scaling: The Secret To Ramping-Up Your Traffic & Sales To Massive Heights

Want even MORE traffic? Learn the the #1 factor that will kill your dreams of cranking up your traffic and how to overcome it so you can ramp up your traffic as fast and furiouslly as you want.

Affiliates: Finding Profitable Products To Promote

Don’t have a product? Not a problem. Affiliates without their own product have produced multimillion dollar businesses using this same strategy to buy traffic to promote affiliate products. (Scott Rewick generated 20% of new signups at Netflix while he was an affiliate)

Scott tells you where to look for offers and the ONE little number Scott looks for to spot offers with the best chance of making you money.


1. Downloadable Book: “Confessions & Strategies of a $100 Million Ad Buyer” by Scott Rewick (Retail $97)

media buying guide

  • How a 12-Year Industry Veteran And An Underground Elite Are Quietly
    Banking Multiple Millions Every Year Online…
  • …And Discover For Yourself The Exact ‘Strategies’ That Allowed An Industry Newbie
    To Bank Over $80 Million In Profit In Just 2 Years…
    Driving Insane Volumes Of Targeted Traffic To The Most Profitable Offers Online
    All without Google!

2. Traffic Campaign Dashboard (Value $75)

Don’t buy traffic online advertising without it. This is the exact same spreadsheet template Scott Rewick used to buy $100 Million in online advertising. It’s a critically important tool of the trade and your success.

Key To Traffic Success

If you want to be successful at getting tons of traffic…model other successful people. Period!

Who better to learn how to PROFITABLY buy websites traffic than from the ONLY guy (Scott Rewick) who has spent $100 Million in online advertising and turned it into $200 Million in sales?

You can try the costly approach to figuring out the rules of the game on your own OR just model a proven successful formula.

Course Format & Delivery

  • Online Course: Instant access, password protected course area with videos and resources
  • Online Videos: 3+ hours
  • Media Buying Spreadsheet: The exact same spreadsheet he used to buy $100 MIllion of ads
  • Guide: “Confessions & Strategies of a $100 Mill Media Buyer” by Scott Rewick (Value $50)


I’m not going to make any WILD CLAIMS that those business opportunity “gurus” make….Ours is simple. You have 60-Days to take this course, learn everything you can buying traffic and prospering and apply it to your business. If you’re unhappy with what you’ve learned inside of 60-Days we’ll gladly refund your money…just email


Business involves time, effort and financial risk. We do NOT or ever claim this information will make you a single dollar let alone millions like Scott Rewick, his students or case studies discussed. Everyone’s results are different. In fact, Scott Rewick CLEARLY states that almost ALL paid media/advertising campaigns involve some initial financial loss before they achieve (if ever) profitability. The authors would also like to emphasize that at NO time do they claim this is easy. Buying media requires time, money, hard work and patience.  Please, be aware that everyone’s results WILL vary significantly. The authors have clearly stated the earnings expectations and accept no responsibility for loss or personal injury.