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Making Sales"

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Never in the history of mankind has it been easier or quicker to set up your own profitable business.

While traditional "brick-and-mortar" businesses topple like dominos, and the job market contracts at an alarming rate, savvy online marketers will continue to flourish, thanks to a projected 11% growth in Internet sales, to $156 billion, this year alone (Forrester Research).

The next few years should be very profitable times indeed, for those with the knowledge and skills to create their own businesses online. And we can help you get there... in just FIVE days.

Just FIVE days to Success

We're not joking when we say FIVE days. Over the past 15 years we have refined the process of setting up a new business AND the method of teaching that process to our students so that we can now take motivated people, like you, from ground zero to a fully functioning business in just FIVE days.

Working closely with our experienced real-world experts, you'll learn how to plan, research, build, and manage a robust online business from the ground up, overcoming any barriers that may have prevented you from succeeding online so far.

And because starting an Internet business involves none of the significant expenses typical of other new ventures -- like retail outlets or franchise operations -- participation in the Fast Track program is a virtually risk-free investment.

The Fast Track Program: a Proven Formula

Here's how it works

It all starts on Day One, when you show up with little more than a strong desire to run your own profitable business. You then spend the next 5 days immersed in hands-on training, as your instructor works by your side to help you build your first website. Your five-day agenda includes:

Day: Schedule:
one Conduct market research critical to your success online, learn to identify viable niche market based on your personal interests, then source (or create) products to promote to your chosen market.
two Create winning salescopy that converts the maximum number of visitors by establishing your credibility, relating to your customers, selling with benefits, and building the perceived value of your products
three Build a sales website using proprietary "wizard driven" software that allows you to create a professional looking site just by pointing and clicking, then set up a comprehensive pay-per-click campaign to start driving traffic instantly.
four Set up your site to attract free search engine traffic by following industry best practices, then learn alternate techniques for traffic generation, including content creation and linking strategies.
five Explore advanced traffic strategies like social networking and blogging, then learn how to measure your site's key metrics so you can monitor its performance, and continue to improve your conversions.

By the end of Day Five, you'll have a complete Internet business already getting qualified traffic and potentially making sales, and return home with a "90-day game plan" that will help you continue to grow your business over the next crucial months.

You'll also have an in-depth understanding of the entire process of building an online business, so you can repeat the same steps while working independently, and start multiple websites.

In short, you will be well on your way to achieving your dreams of freedom and financial independence

Learn from Real Experts

IMC Student
Many courses on starting an online business are taught by people who couldn't set up their own business to save their lives. All they've done is read some theory and now they think they can teach that to you?

Wouldn't you rather learn from people who actually run their own successful online businesses?

Every one of our Internet marketing mentors are all experienced and successful online entrepreneurs in their own right. Quite apart from what they do with us, they have all set up and run successful, money-making websites. They've "been there, done that" and now they can pass on to you a depth and breadth of knowledge that few "traditional" business trainers or teachers can match.

From pay-per-click campaigns to salescopy creation, website design to niche market research, search engine optimization to niche and keyword research, they're fully qualified to advise you on every facet of your new business.

And not only have they created and run highly profitable websites of their own, they've already coached hundreds of our clients through the Fast Track programs, with a remarkable 100% success rate.

Is This Right for You?

IMC Student
The "5 Day Fast Track Program" is open to anyone who is interested in learning the entire process of setting up a successful business starting from square one.

You won't need any previous experience with web design, copywriting, or running a business of any kind to qualify for the program. What you will need is the desire to create a real business from the ground up, and the understanding that starting a stable, viable business requires a reasonable investment of time, effort, and money. And, of course, you do need to be comfortable driving a computer: browsing the web, copying and pasting text, and so on.

Because work in the program is fast-paced and intense, in order to succeed you'll need to be entirely committed to your success, and motivated to do the hard work necessary to build your website within the five-day period.

Now, we know that committing five solid days to your new business can be tough, so we do have some flexility with scheduling. When we speak with you we can work out what would fit best with your lifestyle and your goals. If you are unable to travel to attend one of our live programs, we also have a 'Virtual' live option and a proprietary e-training system available as well. Discuss your requirements with our specialist when they call.

Request a FREE phone consultation so we can help you determine if this program is right for you

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She had 88 visitors to her new website before she even finished the 5-day program!

Linda McLeod

He entered the program with NO knowledge or experience, but by Day 5, already had 400 visitors and 50 opt-ins!

Terry Garvey

She made her first sale before her new site was even finished!

Nikita Harris

She's had thousands of visitors, and a HUGE 13% of them ask to be added to her email list!

Alecia Muller

Even though she was a complete beginner, in just two days she had 1,400 visitors and 70 opt-ins!

Lois Moncrief

After years of trying to start a site on her own, she decided to attend a Clinic, and was making sales by the end of Day 5!

Bonnie Pennell

He was surprised that his site was up by the end of Day 3... and even MORE surprised that he'd already made his first sale!

Garry Moses

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