No Business Idea To Selling Niche Real Estate Software With John Schroeder

When I met John Schroeder at seminar I was speaking at he told me how his first website had just flopped and how he had no business ideas.

How do you from no good business ideas to making $12,000 per month, working 1 hour a day selling a piece of software to the teeny weeny real estate market?

John Schroeder sells software to the real estate investor niche at He shares:

  • Why his first web business was a hideous disaster and how you can avoid making the same, simple mistake.
  • Exactly what he would tell his brother to do if he were starting an online business today.
  • Why “push button & get rich quick” is a crock of  boiled and what you should really focus on to be successful
  • etc…
Watch the video…

Full Interview : Take 2-seconds to thank John Schroeder for doing this interview

Website : Real Estate Software by RealProspect


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    Your video won’t play. I tried clicking it this morning. I am not sure though if its my slow internet connection. But I want to see this video. Do you have a YouTube link for this? I can play YouTube videos in my end. Thank you. Good morning.

    • says

      Looks like it’s on your end, Shirley.

      1. Restart your computer and/or browser (What I call “jiggling the handle”
      2. Update adobe flash to the most recent version.

      One of those should do the trick.

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