How to Grow a Monthly “Mystery” Box for Fishermen to $300,000 a Month with Ross Gordon

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Ross Gordon went from being a real-life Mad Men character, working at advertising agency Leo Burnett, to quitting his job to focus on promoting products online. Nearly going broke while supporting a new wife he found a (crazy) niche in an “under the radar” 45-billion-dollar a year market and grew it to over $300,000 a month in 3-years.

What’s His Big Idea?

Surprise! You’ve got bait.

Gordon’s big idea is called Mystery Tackle Box which sells fishermen a box of random, sight-unseen baits (ie. mystery) and ship it to them every month so they get to experience the excitement of Christmas every month.

Show Me The Money, Son

Since launching in July 2012, Mystery Tackle Box has shipped over 2-million baits and reeled in 20,000+ eager anglers paying $15 a month to get a box in the mail full of baits and lures…they’ve never seen.

“It’s been quite a ride. If you’d have asked me 2 years ago how many subscribers you think we were going to have for a fishing lure box I would have NOT thought we’d be where we are today.”

In other words, this online business idea is hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon rut, son.

The Light Bulb Moment – aka How Did He Find This Business Idea?

In his previous online business as an affiliate marketer, promoting other companies products for a referral commission, Gordon would follow an analytical, calculating, almost scientific approach to finding profitable niche markets by only looking at the Google search numbers – which, after his fledgling start, worked so well for him that he eventually sold his niche software business in a lead generation niche for north of $1-million.

[Listen to the full interview to find out what business he sold and who he sold it to]

But this time, Gordon took the reverse approach to find his monthly box niche. Mystery Tackle Box was “born” out of a problem he experienced in his bass fishing hobby.

“With so many products on the market I had no idea what I should be buying. I thought, man, if someone who knew what they were doing could send me just a few awesome lures and tell me what to do with them, that would make my life a lot easier. And the idea was born.”

[ To find out how he tested the idea for free and got 458 customers his first month - listen to the full behind-the-scenes interview ]

Game Changer

“Most people, especially in the software and tech space, think fishing is just a hobby. They don’t realize there are more people who fish in the U.S. than play golf and tennis combined. It’s a $45 Billion dollar a year industry that’s just so off the radar.”


 ”There’s this culture in ad agencies that they have to know what’s going to work and can’t test anything because they want to be perceived as the experts….The client is paying us $50,000 to design banner ads and we can’t decide on which one. Why don’t we just split test them and let the data give us the answer?”

When you admit that you can’t possibly know if something will work or not and adopt the marketing mindset of testing, tracking and tweaking then you can start to get a lot of visitors to your website and really scale your business.

Tweetable Quotes

In This Behind-the-Scenes Interview You’ll Also Learn:

  • The exactly strategy, website and tools he used to grow an audience of 100,000 before he launched to get 458 customers in the 1st month.
  • The launch price and offer that performed (incredibly) well (Plus, why it worked).
  • The ONE page he setup (and where) to validate that people would pay for a box of baits they’ve never seen, before he WASTED his time or money developing a business idea that sucked. (And how you can too)
  • The 3 cut-the-crap questions that gave him the courage to keep going with his idea even though is agency colleague said, “Nah, it won’t work.” (His coworker is probably still a slaving away in a cubicle)
  • The 1 indicator Gordon, a seasoned entrepreneur, used that told him his idea would work – even before he tested it. (Swipe this idea)
  • The 2nd research indicator he used (that didn’t cost a dime) that gave him a “green light” on his business idea.
  • Engagement : The tactic he used to get 500 people to take selfies and post them on social media to promote his brand.
  • What (successful) online entrepreneurs know about getting visitors, clicks and sales that top advertising agencies do not. (And why you should only hire a traditional advertising agency if you want to lose money)
  • The facebook advertising formula that Ross Gordon accidentally stumbled upon, that never fails.
  • Find out if he gets the tackle and lures for free, does he have to pay, or do tackle companies have to pay to be included in the box?
  • Find out the lead generation (leadgen) software business he sold for over $1 Million dollars (and to whom) so he could focus on Mystery Tackle Box


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