The 3-Step Content Marketing Roadshow Strategy For Building Natural Links

Most savvy CEO’s, entrepreneurs and marketers have already implemented a content marketing strategy. That’s step 1 because content does not market itself. Most people forget the 2nd part of content marketing … “marketing.” You have to commit someone on your team to promoting your content to websites who have your audience -”like minded” websites so […]

Did you survive Google’s Panda/Farmer update?

If you care about Google traffic, then you’ll want to read this. SEOs and webmasters were eagerly anticipating, both in fear and excitement, the release of Google’s content farm algorithm. Google announced that these updates are being aimed at scraper sites, although many other innocent sites are being negatively affected in the process if they […]

Video Explains Traffic Building For New Websites


Yesterday morning I was hosting our weekly coaching session for our Fast Track To Success and Internet Entrepreneur Club members.  We’ve recently upgraded our system to eliminate the need to dial in long distance, so all you have to do is connect to the session using your computer’s microphone and speakers (or headset).  Of course, […]

Google Discovers SEO Tips It Should Have Been Following

All these years we’ve been looking to Google for the definitive search engine optimization tips… Turns out they weren’t following their own advice! Google recently did an audit of  their own sites to see how well they were implementing proper SEO marketing practices, and discovered some dead-simple SEO basics they’d ignored. Check out the Google SEO […]

Checklist of On-Page SEO Strategies

SEO checklist

When was the last time you had a really good look at your website to make sure your search engine optimization is in top shape? It’s probably been a while… That’s why it’s a good idea to set some time aside every few months to make sure your site is still optimized for the search engine spiders. When you’re […]