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The 1-Hour Website Makeover

Wondering why your website isn't making more money?

There are 3 reasons why your website isn't selling:

  • 1. Low or no traffic
  • 2. Selling something people don't want
  • 3. Breaking the rules of websites that sell

In this 1-on-1 session, Jason Bax will critique your website and give you at least 12 specific things you must change on your website to immediately increase your sales and start making more money.



You save $750.00 (75%)!

Wondering Why Your Website Isn’t Making More Money?

After critiquing 200+ websites in front of live audiences around the world I know there are typically 3 reason why a website isn’t making sales:

1. Low or poor quality visitor traffic

This is rarely the issue. Most people think getting more traffic to their website is the answer to making more money, but driving more traffic to a crappy website is like trying to fill a bucket with water that’s full of holes.

2. Offering a product or service that people don’t want

People don’t buy  ____ on the Internet. Get over it!

It’s better to get real, get over it and get a life. Set your ego aside and move on to something more profitable before you waste your time, money and precious energy going down a costly rabbit hole lined with razor blades, lemon juice and salt. (Eeeeewwww!)

3. Breaking Sales Design Rules

Websites that aren’t making the money they could be typically break 10+ design and sales rules. In short, the website sucks!

But that’s OK. It’s better to know what’s wrong and exactly what you need to FIX so you can start making more money, right?

Finally, get the answers to why your website isn’t making more money from an internet marketing expert who has made his living selling online for over 10 years and critiqued over 200 websites live in front of audiences around the world…to standing ovations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can we really achieve in 1-hr?

Tons! The truth is, I probably already have the answers. With my 12-yrs of experience, won’t take long for me to analyze your website and diagnose the problems that are hurting sales.

The bulk of the time on our call (aside from listening to people give excuses and/or justify poor web design) is spent explaining the website makeover prescription (aka what needs to be fixed or changed) that will increase your sales.

And after doing 200+ live  website reviews in 10-minutes to standing ovations I’m pretty confident I can give more advice, fixes and ideas that you could ever imaging …In short…I’ll blow the pants off your mind in 60-minutes.

Do you make any guarantees?

Absolutely! After 15-minutes if you’re not confident that the advice I’ve giving you will increase your sales…you pay nothing. Sound fair? (And remember…I’ve done 200+ live in under 10 minutes)

Will you redesign my website?

No. This is a website critique and consultation only. I will NOT (on our call) physically fix, redesign or code your website. In this offer, I ONLY offer advice and consulting on what YOU or your web designer need to fix on your website to increase sales.

How Does This Work?

After paying for this service you will be contacted to schedule a time to book your session. We will conduct the 1-on-1 session over Skype or phone and you’ll get an audio recording of the call so that you don’t need to take notes.

Virtual Consultant:
Live, 1-on-1 consulting over phone or Skype.
Audio Recording:
Get the audio recording from the call for future reference so you don’t have to take notes.
If you are not satisfied with the advice with the first 20-min…you pay nothing.