ShowNo Towels, the ONLY Entrepreneur to get $50K Check Live on Shark Tank (Sort Of)

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Shelly Ehler, is the ONLY entrepreneur in history to get handed a $50,000 check from Laurie Greiner on the Shark Tank…well…sort of. Learn the (shocking) truth.

Shelly, openly and honestly shares the ups and downs of her season 3 Shark Tank appearance and the profound, life changing lessons she learned being on the show.


- Did she really $50,000 from a Shark?

- The truth about most contestant’s sales after airing on Shark Tank

- What happened to her sales after she figured out her “real” market.

- The TRUTH about how many Shark Tank deals fall apart and how many fall through.

- The (most surprising) hardest part about being on Shark Tan. 


“Never give your power away…to anyone.”


The 4 Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

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