SoundBender: $54k on Shark Tank & $18k on Kickstarter | Crowdfunding

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On this week’s AfterShark – How a painful business failure gave Moshe Weiss his big business idea for SoundBender, that led to 2 successful crowdfuning campaigns – raising $18,000 and got him invited to the Shark Tank where he did a $50,000 plus deal with Daymond John.

- The mistake he made on his first Kickstarter crowdfuning campaign and what he did differently on the next 2 to raise 8,000 and $10,000 in funding for his business idea.

- What’s he’s doing differently to get the word out – on his next crowdfunding campaign.


Practical advice for overcoming painful personal setbacks and business failures.

Recommended Books:

- Display of Power – by Daymond John

- The Brand Within – by Daymond John.

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