How To Recruit Thousands Of Other Websites To Sell Your Product For You

If I sent you a new customer, would you share a portion of the money with me?

What if you could get thousands of other websites bloggers, and businesses to send you customers to you…

Would you share the sale with them as well?

This is a strategy that many of our mentoring clients have used to multiply their sales and their profits many times over.

Using this strategy, you could literally develop an ARMY of associates that will sell your product for you.

This week’s video clip explains s the steps involved in setting up your own affiliate commission program.

Here’s the video clip –

Click here to watch the video


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Talk to you soon,

Chuck Anderson & The IMC Team

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    It only goes to show where theres will theres a way. Keep on trying. What if nothing exists and were all in somebodys dream? Or whats worse, what if only that fat guy in the third row exists? Born 1935

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