Starving Student to $4M in 5 Years

Listen to the Episode Below (51:51)

eric2Eric Barstow, was a starving student who needed money, fast. So he took what he learned as a manager of a national student painting company and went into business for himself…knocking on 250 doors in 6 hours, which resulted into 11 leads, 6 estimates and 5 painting jobs for $8000, then hired a painter for $4000, in his first week.

Since that day he’s applied the 80/20 rule, inspired by the 4 Hour Work Week, to grow his business into Millions in sales, starting an online training company and investing in a leads generation business for painters.

Painter Choice

Painting Business Pro

Foothills Painting

In this episode you’ll learn:

- Lessons in hiring from someone who has interviewed 3000 candidates

- What to avoid when hiring your team

- The mindset shift you need to make if you want to be successful in sales


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