Homeless to $1 Million in 1-Year Writing Words

Listen to the Episode Below Download iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud How did┬áMichael Shreeve go from owning a business, “failing miserably,” losing $150,000 in 1-month and becoming homeless to turning it all around, bouncing back and put a million dollars in the bank in 1-year as a writer? Short Answer: Epic, maniacal hustle …bordering on self masochism. […]

Top 5 Unbreakable Headline Rules

Your headline: The most important words you’ll ever write. Do you want to know the secret to selling things successfully online? It’s finding the RIGHT WORDS for the job. Consider this: Most visitors take 10 seconds or less to decide whether to stick around or move on to the next site. Just 10 seconds — […]

Seven deadly web design sins

(Make sure YOUR site isn’t committing any of them!) Whenever I go surfing on the Web, I’m always afraid of what I’ll find… … Because I come across so many sites suffering from DEADLY design sins, I want to stab out my eyes with a pen! Think I’m being dramatic? Maybe just a bit… but […]

The truth about long salescopy

If you’ve known me for any length of time, then you know that I am an avid supporter of using long sales letters (10 to 20 pages… or even more!) to promote your products online. Of course, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but people who dismiss long salesletters because they "contain too much hyperbole"… "they’re […]

Increase your revenue by 714%

Would you like to increase your revenue by 714% overnight? We did, using a simple, but effective marketing Internet strategy: tweaking your headline! Writing a compelling headline is an essential marketing Internet strategy for effective online selling. And by making just a few small changes, your site could be pulling drastically higher sales. Surprised that […]