Simple Email Marketing Tips That Sell Big – Mitch Tarr

Mitch Tarr - Zin Marketing

Struggling marketers and entrepreneurs consider email marketing an ugly, red headed step child they put in the corner and ignore. But savvy, battle hardened marketers focus on email marketing and consider it a Golden Goose. Why? It’s still the most personal, highest converting and highest return on investment marketing channel. Mitch Tarr is the former Vice […]

Spam, Outlook, Spam, Microsoft, Spam, Spam, and Spam

Anyone who uses email marketing knows how disastrous it can be to be blacklisted as a spammer. Your emails won’t be delivered, your reputation suffers… not to mention your bottom line. Fortunately for you, we have tools that report how different email programs evaluate incoming messages. Here are our latest discoveries about how Microsoft Outlook […]

Win Apple Prizes from iContact

Are you looking for a company to manage all your email marketing chores? We’ve been recommending iContact ever since we did a long search to find a company that could handle the email marketing needs of the small online businesses that make up our customer base. Now there’s another good reason to sign up. Prizes! iContact is awarding an […]

Canada Closes Loopholes for Spammers

Just a heads up… if you’re a Canadian email marketer, the forthcoming Electronic Commerce Protection Act has slightly different rules from CAN-SPAM. The Act was introduced mainly to prevent phishing, malware, and spamming from within Canada, so if you’re doing legitimate email marketing to your opt-in list and following CAN-SPAM rules you shouldn’t have a problem. But […]

Email Responses — Are People Taking Longer to Take Action?

Have you noticed any changes in the response times to your email marketing? With a mailing list of many hundreds of thousands, we’ve always had the luxury of quick and easy email testing. We’ll usually split-test two or three versions of an email on groups of 10,000 subscribers and look for results the next day. For […]

10 Autoresponder Ideas to Increase Your Profits

It’s a fact that 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your sales. At least 20% of people who have purchased from you once will buy from you again if you follow up with them. Let’s put it another way… one-fifth of your customer base is just sitting there waiting for you to […]

Email is STILL the most effective online marketing tool

Email marketing always gets a bad press… but a new study proves it’s actually the most effective and efficient marketing tool available to online entrepreneurs. Sure, spam is still as problematic as ever. But if you’ve got a targeted list of opt-in subscribers and a message they want to hear, email marketing can be incredibly […]