The 3-Step Content Marketing Roadshow Strategy For Building Natural Links

Most savvy CEO’s, entrepreneurs and marketers have already implemented a content marketing strategy. That’s step 1 because content does not market itself. Most people forget the 2nd part of content marketing … “marketing.” You have to commit someone on your team to promoting your content to websites who have your audience -”like minded” websites so […]

5 Steps to Finding Your Most Profitable Keywords

google keyword research tool analyzer

“Do you want more traffic or more money?”  That was the million dollar question my SEO friend asked when I shared a goal for one of my websites. My mother always told me that when a millionaire search engine optimization (SEO) expert and entrepreneur asks you a question that could make a million dollar difference […]

Free Traffic, Unicorns & Santa Claus


How much does free traffic cost? If you said, “Nothing! It’s free…Duh!” …Then you must also believe in unicorns and Santa Claus. If you believe “free traffic” is really free, grab a drink, pull up a chair and check out my latest video…Because I’m going to show you how believing in the MYTH of free traffic […]

Socialize Your Way To Online Success

And they’re off! The Republican and Democratic national conventions have just wrapped up, both parties have selected their candidates, and the 2008 U.S. election campaign switched into high gear. Wait… don’t leave! I promise I’m NOT going to talk politics! Well, not directly, anyway… See, as an Internet marketer, what REALLY interests me about this […]

Are Your Keywords Attracting The Right Audience?

Take this 3-step keyword audit.   photo credit: forklift      The keywords on your site is a critical if you want to attract visitors. Over 90% of people looking for something online start by typing keywords into a search engine like Google. And if the words they type match the ones on your web pages, […]

Socialize Your Way to Success

"Socialize" Your Way to Success — By Promoting Your Site in Forums Forums are a great way to promote your business and indulge your "social" nature at the same time. First look for forums that are popular with your customers, and then become an active participant in them. Not only will you boost your reputation […]