The Ridiculously Simple 5-Step Formula For Writing The Most Popular Posts Of All Time

write compelling content for the web

How does get hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of visitors for EVERY post they write and become a top 800 most visited website in the world?

I’m going to crack the code wide open on’s golden formula for writing content so highly addictive that it attracts millions of visitors every single month.

My modo is, “model the best and forget the rest.”

Whether you an marketer, own an online business my guess is that if you’re reading this post you want to grow your website traffic, readership and subscriber base. Bottom line…

…you’re in the traffic gettin’ business.

Start With A Number

From the 10 Commandments to David Letterman’s wildly successful top 10 list people are hooked on lists. Use lists or die trying to find excuses to use lists if you want your posts to attract visitors.

“The top 10 ways…”

“6 Steps to creating…”

“7 Business Ideas That Will…”

People can’t resists. Anyone who tells you otherwise or accuses you of “selling out” deserves a slap. Remember, you’re in the getting traffic game – which means you have to write what people want, how they want it so the…

1. Title of the post/page grabs them by the eyeballs

2. Sucks their mouse click in like a tractor beam

3. Gets them to devour your article

4. And exposes them to more extremely compelling article topics you’ve written – which leads to more clicks.

AKA, Traffic!

Include the Word “MOST” 


Truthfully, you can use biggest, smallest, weirdest, coolest, etc… It just needs to be one extreme or another to get people’s attention. But when you’re starting out it’s best to keep things simple and start with the word “most.”

What is more compelling?

“10 Luxury Mens Watches”


“The 10 Most Expensive  Mens Watch”

Skip to the next point.

Add a Subject

Obviously the subject should be around your niche topic or profitable keyword. If not, the traffic you’ll attract will be un-targeted dead wood. (Which is just fine if you’re business model is driving up pageviews to sell more ads)

For maximum impact try to weave a popular topic into your title.

“The 10 Most Expensive Mens Watches Owned By Richard Branson”

With any lucky, you may even get a spike in traffic from people searching directly on that popular topic like I did when I wrote a post on Steve Jobs 5 keys To Radial Success when I learned about his death.

Throw In A Gratuitous Adjective

“The 10 Most Ludicrously Expensive Mens Watches”

Aside from the number I can’t emphasize this enough.

Adding a gratuitous adjective will not only separate your articles from the boring fluff content clogging up the Internet, but it also makes writing way more fun.

End It With “…Of All Time” 

OK, OK. This part of the recipe is optional but – you have to admit – it just makes your headlines seem so much more exciting when you’re offering the definitive and final answer on a topic, doesn’t it?

“The Top 10 Most Ludicrously Expensive Mens Watches Of All Time”

Oh man! I gotta know what they are!

The Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords …Of All Time

Does This Ridiculously Stupid-Simple Formula Really Work?

You be the judge. Check out the audience viewership, below.



Attracting traffic is part art and science. Today’s brave new world of search engine optimization is more than just slapping up keyword optimized content, waiting for the search engines to crawl you and rank your site.

Today, you have to write for the audience. You have to write for the humans (Gasp! Shocker, I know).

Learn to write content that people can’t stop themselves from clicking, reading, liking, commenting and sharing on social networks will not only rank higher in search but you’ll get more free traffic from viral buzz.

The ultimate title would look something like…

“The 25 Most Ludicrously Expensive Mind Blowing Mens Watches Owned By Hollywood Stars …Of All Time” ”

Learn to love the golden formula and the traffic gods will shower you visitors.

Ignore it and get used to the sound of crickets on your website.

Do you have any tips to make this “golden formula” even more powerful? Think it’s crap? Let me know, below.



  1. says

    Hello Jason

    Thanks for the great post. I will certainly be trying some of your article title tips.

    I also couldn’t agree more with you when you say “Write for the people”. It is “the people” who will be reading your articles/blog posts and purchasing your products – not search engines.


  2. shahalam khan says

    Wow what a great article and the idea to attract people is “write for the people” what a great thought, thanks for sharing.

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