The Vat19 Video Marketing Formula For Attracting 110 Million YouTube Views


Vat19's Jamie Salvatori Shares His Video Marketing Tips to Attract 100 Million Youtube Views

What can you learn from someone who’s attracted over 110 Million Youtube views and has over 160,000 subscribers begging to see their next promotional video so they can line up to buy?

A lot!

I interview Jamie Salvatori, founder of, on his Youtube video marketing strategy to get his secrets to making a video so entertaining that it attracts over 100,000,000 viewers,  builds a loyal subscriber list AND sells hundreds of thousands of the most needless, yet strangely compelling products on the face of the Internet.

You’ll learn:

1. The tactic Vat19 used to double their clicks from their newsletter to their website

2. Why putting your logo/sting at the beginning of your video is a recipe for failure

3. The stupidly simple trick Vat19 learned from their comments that helped them tripled their clicks from their Youtube videos to their website and increase sales.

4.  Why including too much technical details (size, weight, etc) is a mistake and what you need to focus on

5. Why when you make people laugh you “disarm” them and increase your chances of selling them

6. The strategic reason why Vat19 promotes 2 Youtube channels and how it helped increase customer loyatly

7. Why waiting too long to introduce the product hurts your sales

What’s your #1 video marketing tip? Who else do you think is an exceptional video marketer that I should interview?

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Jamie Salvatori for sharing his secrets to his Youtube success.


  1. Ross Quintana says

    Great post, I hadn’t heard of Vat19 before this but they do a great job with making their video marketing standout.

    I enjoyed your interview and look forward to future interviews as well. Sharing!

    • says

      Good skill to learn considering Youtube is the 2 most popular search engine after Google. Not to mention that youtube videos rank really well, really fast.

      Thanks Brandon.

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