The Website Traffic Report That Could Kill Your Online Business

If you look at your website traffic report and 80% of your traffic from Google search…how to check website traffic analyticsyou should be scared as hell!

OK, OK. Be calm and read along.

The pie chart on the right is an all too common example of the sources of traffic I see for most online businesses.

If the biggest slice of your pie looks similar to the chart on the right – you’re business is almost entirely reliant on ONE marketing channel…search.

“What’s wrong with that” you ask?

What happens when Google suddenly changes it’s algorithm like it does every 6-18 months and your website drops off the first page and you go from basking in the free traffic sunshine to being on the dark side of the moon?

Like many of the entrepreneurs I know who’ve been on the receiving end of that spanking, you’ll drop to your knees and plead, “Why, why Google are you punishing me!”

Then you’ll sell you car, downsize your house, layoff some employees and take a pay cut. Not to mention, spend every waking hour trying to figure out how to get back in the search god’s good graces.

(WARNING: Side effects may included excessive wearing of pajamas and bathrobe while spontaneously blurting out obscenities about Google, pandas and penguins.)

I know too many online business owners who got “fat and lazy” (read, complacent) living off Google who are now feeling the burn after a 90% drop in traffic when with the latest Panda and Penguin update.

What The Smartest Online Businesses Do

If you’re basking in Google’s sunshine right now, take a second to pat yourself on the back and buy yourself a hero cookie. THEN, realize nothing – good or bad – lasts forever and get to work.

Here’s what you should do starting today:

1) Build Your Email Subscriber List

Web traffic comes and goes so start grabbing some of those visitors and building an opt-in email subscriber list.

When you build a list of people who look forward to receiving tips, news and offers from you – you’re in control of your revenue.

In time, your email will become one of your greatest profit centers and a valuable business asset, but only if you…

2) Bond With Your Subscribers

Collecting emails and jamming promotional emails down their throat isn’t going to work out too well for you, as anyone with an email account can tell you.

Be different from most businesses and provide as many helpful tips and advice people can put into action right away.

That’s a sure strategy to make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they think of you.

3) Go Beyond Google

Extend your gaze past the cow pasture. Search traffic represents less than 5% of the available traffic on the Internet.

Look into diversifying your marketing into different channels to one of the multitude of ad display networks, buying banners on targeted websites, sponsored ads in newsletters, ad swaps, Facebook ads, guest blogging, etc…

If your website only has one major source of qualified visitors – you’re building your business on a one legged stool. Don’t be surprised when you fall off and do a nose dive.

Oh, and Google won’t pick you up, dust you off and tell you it’s going to be OK . It’s just not into cuddling.

Unfortunately, it’s prison rules and Google runs the cell block. So plan your prison break and diversify your sources of traffic, today.


Getting traffic from Google is awesome. I’ll take as much as I can get, thank you very much. But what happens to the sales of your online business if you get slapped or someone kicks out the plug at Google? If 80% of your traffic is from the big G – you’re F’ed!

Take the money your earning from the free traffic love your enjoying and invest into multiple streams of traffic.

You’ve been warned.

OK, have a question, another idea on how to increase website traffic from other sources, or just want to call me Mr. paranoid? Share your comment below.

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  1. Stephen S. Potter says

    May 8, 2013

    Dear Sirs:

    I am in the process of realizing my lifelong hobby in photographer in a home-based business as an online film and digital freelance photographer. I am associated with a company called Dreamstime which accepts photos sent to them online and pays for what they like. Since I live and work alone, could you possibly tell me if it would be feasible for me to incorporate myself or simply be the owner?

    • says

      I’m not a lawyer or accountant so you’ll need to consult them, BUT…here’s my 2cents…

      You’re expending energy concerning yourself with the wrong thing.

      What you need to focus on is find out IF there is a market for your services and where they are before you go to the cost of setting up a corporation.

      Go sell your services as a sole proprietor first to prove the feasibility of your concept…everything else is a distraction.

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