Why Sell an Automated Lifestyle Business?

Why would anyone sell a lifestyle business that automatically earns the founder $200,000 to $300,000 per year?

  • Cashing out to fund retirement
  • Building the war chest to fund new ventures
  • Distraction & focus. Although a business my “run itself” they often need care, attention and some upkeep…just like a home or car. If the founder is busy with other projects “upkeep” can distract from their other goals.
  • Finally, boredom. Some business owners just get bored with their market and/or business and want to move on to other challenges.

So, why is Penny Halgren selling How-To-Quilt.com, the website she founded 8 years ago that now generates $200,000 – $300,000 per year while she kicks her heels up? Sounds like a pretty awesome cash-cow to me…Has she lost her marbles?

Peek inside the mind of a successful entrepreneur and find out why. 

Penny shares HER reasons for selling her golden cash-cow in the video below…

Why Would You Sell a $250,000/yr Lifestyle Business?

 [ Business For Sale: If you are interested in buying Penny’s online business, www.How-To-Quilt.com,
including 3 accompanying websites, contact us here.

What would you do?

If this was your business what would YOU do? Hold, sell or grow it?


  1. says

    Wow. That really takes guts. Penny is a bad*ss!

    I would definitely hold onto it. I’m sure there are millions of people that would happily run it for her for a Fraction of the profits. Or if she she could use her successful business as an opportunity to teach young grads about creating online success or something. There are a thousand great things she could do with it that don’t involve chucking out her sweet cash cow. That being said, she sounds like a woman whose mind is made up and I wish her much continued success.

    • says

      Yes, Penny is a “bad ass” quilting entrepreneur, Catherine.

      Penny just likes to shake things up and make a change every 5-8 years after she’s mastered a field. It takes passion to build a business and she sees greener pastures over the next hill.

      Nice business though. Maybe I should put in an offer?!

  2. Doretha says


    I am researching ideas for an Internet Marketing business. I am very impressed with Penny and how she has grown her business. I would like to learned more about How-To-Quilt.com.

    Thank you.


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